Hi, I'm Mike Katz!

I have been in the Appliance Industry since 1987, I was the sales manager for the appliance department for Circuit City in Santa Barbara for more than 3 years. Then in 1991 got into appliance repair in Oceanside, CA and successfully developed my own company bringing honesty and integrity into the forefront of the trade.

I moved back to the Santa Barbara area, and opened an appliance parts store, ran that for several years, before moving to the Bay area. I worked for Appliance Parts Inc, (the largest parts company in No. Cal) for over three years. I then was hired by DeAnza Maytag as a field technician and their parts manager, and was with them up until I struck out on my own again in this area.

I enjoy the feeling I get from completing a job and knowing that my customers have been treated fairly and honestly.

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